So, It begins! A place to give you some insight into my creative process and what moves me as an art

Here on this virtual corner I'll write about my work, inspirations, techniques on diverse artistic mediums as well as sharing interesting infos regarding art, culture and things that move me and stories that are part of my life in Berlin.

As a small introduction I can just copy and paste some of the info on my Bio (hopefully soon I can write a better one) : "Tahian Bhering is a visual artist that works with different supports, also working with cultural production. He holds a BA in Fine Arts for the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), with further artistic studies at Visual Arts School of Parque Lage (also in Rio). Takes part in multicultural events, practices urban interventions and likes to observe and research the urban environment and surroundings, constantly thinking about the cities. In his works he mixes various images and codes present in the urbanized reality and blends them into compositions full of fragments of this urban visuals. Tahian has lived in Rio de Janeiro where he has his roots and is now situated in Berlin, after participating in a artist in residence program with CoGalleries in the end of 2016. As so, he continuously works to establish a cultural bridge among these cities."

For now I will leave you with a snapshot from my wonderful studio in Berlin which I share with my friend Robin Resch and our residents (we are running an artists residence program, I'll write about that soonish) and other guests.

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